our restorations

Important restoration works have been performed by some associated that, a part from dedicate themselves to the new construction following the origins and the ancient tradition of the region, have done and do restorations for public and private costumers, many of them made under the supervision of Artistical, Storical and Demo anthropological Heritage of Piemonte.

Cleaning of paints, dusts and greases, using suitable hand-paint strippers (no sandblasting or caustic products considered too aggressive), trying to preserve the original patina of the wood after many years. Consolidation with acrylic resin and against woodworm treatment using Permetrina, everything with the brush.
Reconstruction of lacking parts and sostitution of those who present rotten parts using the same wooden essence of the object; where is possible we use materials of the same period of the furniture we are renewing.
The fillings are made with stucco wax personally prepared.
The internal objects are treated with polish using a wick and applying more times lacquer; painting based of natural oils and waxes to be evenly distributed on the furniture with an appropriate cotton cloth.
The external objects are treated with penetration paints that doesn’t form a layer in order to grant a good protection from external agents.