works and materials

    The materials which are used most during the production of a furniture are the multilayered panel, the battened one and the solid wood worked with special glues certificated E1 with few chemical residues and not dangerous for human’s health.
We realize furniture that testify our sensibility for an aware use of wood, supported by an integration policy of our wooden heritage.  
materiale5 materiale5 materiale3  To take care of the environment that surround us and from our love for the wood we developed our philosophy in order to use Italian wood coming from reforestation areas as walnut, poplar, oak, cherry tree, larch and eventually reusing wood for new uses and functions.
The Consortium supplies a complete and efficient service in each step: relief and designing of spaces and furniture, technical advice, realization using traditional assembly from the carpentry and technologically advanced machineries, assembly and laying.     
   The functionality of every single piece is projected to be always comfortable, practical and innovative.
. Each furniture can be brought to life with in a personal way, following the indications of the customer.
Last but not least, the painting, carefully made not to disturb the environment becomes possible using water materials and treatments made with natural penetrating oils.  
  The wooden rockis a particular craftsman-made technique that provides the application on many wooden surfaces of a stone stratus, in order to make even more valuable and elegant every house. CSA works deeply to improve this technique, that appears to be today very safe and interesting from an aesthetic point of view.